Wayfarers’ Early Autumn Meet at RLH

Terry, Vikki and Bernie decided to attend the Wayfarers’ Early Autumn meet at RLH. The weather was disgusting and we couldn’t understand why parties were going out, even before 9am, just to get wet. We sat around drinking tea until 1pm and it was still raining in Langdale. So we hopped over to Borrowdale, drank more tea at the caf, by which time it had stopped raining. I reasoned that my favorite little corner of Shepherd’s crag, which always stays dry but was damaged by stonefall a year or so ago, would now be safe (I had looked down it a few times and it ‘looked’ safe). Well, it was safe and we had a glorious few hours climbing on the dry rock.

Here you see Pete Spalton coming up ‘Shepherd’s Chimney’. Yes – he’s back on the scene!!!!!

Later that evening, there was an enormous feast at RLH. Here you see Terry and Vikki a bit the worse for wear!!! Good job the weather was even worse on Sunday, so we needn’t go out.

6 thoughts on “Wayfarers’ Early Autumn Meet at RLH”

  1. Yes, Pete is back and in good form :star:

    Well, as I said, there was a big stone fall there in August 2007 and it probably hasn’t been climbed much since 😐 But the vegetation is only at the top, where you see it – rest of the climb is super 😛 I have pictures from previous years, before the stone fall, which show it completely free.

    Incidentally, I wonder if ‘Thin Air’ has had any ascents since ❓ That would be a bold proposition since it would really involve a foray thro’ broken bits 😯 Actually, a search on ‘Thin Air’ might show my picture of Paul on it several years ago.

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