Adding miles to the legs

The Saturday after Christmas found Anna and I running around Buttermere and flogging around the Keswick shops. My legs were already knackered from the previous exertions, but I thought it was best to keep them moving incase they seized up completely.


The weather was great and we enjoyed fantastic views ………….


In Keswick we made a sentimental visit to Woolies (last day) and bought some discounted chocolate! DOH!!!

All that hard work ruined! We also saw Santa in mufti, looking like he’d had a hard couple of days, but he did snap up some bargains in Woolworths for next year. Apparently the credit crunch even extends to the North Pole………..


On the way home we got more great views and a fell pony tried to hitch a lift!!


A busy day for parapenting…. how many can you spot???



5 thoughts on “Adding miles to the legs”

  1. I can’t count the para gliders because Pete has filled my computer screen with dandruff 😥 Santa may have a sackful of presents for Tish next year (assuming he turns a blind eye) but definitely not for Pete ❗

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