After a long day on the mountain bikes around Kentmere and Longsledale yesterday we were quite knackered today. It’s amazing just how rusty mountain biking skills get after not having been in the saddle for months. Add to that the frustration of how knackering biking-un-fit leg muscles suffer on a long ride with several punishing up-hill slogs! Phew, it makes my legs feel like they are full of lead again just writing about it! 😉

The riding was in good condition though – not too much rain recently, so the boggy sections weren’t too bad. But, there was one section where Laetitia came to grief…


Her bike’s wheels were stuck in the bog to well above (!) the hubs. This picture doesn’t quite do it justice, being taken after the bog had “rebounded” considerably after ejecting Laetitia from her saddle. The bike stayed stuck upright though! At-least it was a soft landing.

Anyway, back to Sunday, it was sunny again and quite warm (10C), but with big clouds over the Lakeland fells we decided that climbing on Pavey Ark would be very chilly in the shade. So we resolved to head over to Giggleswick and enjoy some nice sunny limestone sport climbing on the lower cliff…



We didn’t linger for many routes. There were a few reasons for that – it was quite cold with a bit of a breeze blowing, we were knackered from yesterday’s bike ride, and we were lazy! 😛

3 thoughts on “Giggleswick”

  1. Maybe it was because we were knackered, but I also found the routes quite hard and the bolts very sportingly placed!
    However, it looks like a great venue for after-work climbing in the evening sun…. roll on summer.

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