1000th Post ?

There are 930 posts (+1; this one) on the blog so far. The first was posted on 21st November 2005. That’s an average of 16 posts a month, but more recent averages are more like 28 or 30 posts a month. Good going consider our weekend warrior credentials! 😛

But it got me wondering… Following on from the recent blog author rendezvous and celebrations, when will the 100th post be posted, and who by?

Now Ian, as the most prolific blogger so far, please don’t take that as a challenge. We know what you are like. 🙄 There’ll be dozens of posts about god-knows-what if we are not careful. Let’s keep it to adventures and stuff we’ve actually done! 😉 But never-the-less, it’ll still be fun to watch out for that 100th post!

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