Pfalz Rock Continued

Once you start you just can’t stop again. In order to check out some of the climbs for Pete and the Gang for their fall trip to the Pfalz we climbed a MUST DO route (and some more) yesterday that should be on everyones list when coming to Germany: “Jubiläumsriss” (7-) at the” Nonnenfels”. Ingo led this absolute classic very bravely yesterday. It is a great line and awsome crack and our guidebook says that is one of the best routes in Germany within this grade. We totally agree!

Can’t wait for you crazy english climbers to check out our beautiful place.

The tricky bit



PS: More to come next week…

8 thoughts on “Pfalz Rock Continued”

  1. Jamming aside, I’m quite troubled by the size of the hexes being carried! 😯 I don’t own anything that large! Is gear like this really needed to protect routes in the Pfalz? How are we supposed to get them on the plane with the poxy Ryan Air weight limit?

  2. 😆 great I shocked some english climbers! Pfalz rock cracks can be quite interesting and a few large hexes or cams are always good. It is always good to carry some 3, 3.5 and 4 Cams and some big hexes ;). But I am happy to lend you some of the large gear so you don’t have to charter an extra plane for the gear… They are not always absolutely necessary but very helpful. Welcome to our climbing world :alien:

    1. What have I done; committing to a sandstone climbing area (gritstone-esque) with slopy sandy open-handed holds! Only Paul will be any good at climbing there – the rest of us will be found crying in some small and dark cave dreaming of positive crimpy holds made from nice clean volcanic rock… Maybe we should go to sunny North Wales instead? 😉

  3. Did you ever climb on Southern Sandstone, Pete? It can be like climbing on ball bearings.

    However, I’m hoping that the weather will be better in Germany than in Wales – or here. [Goes to fetch water-wings, flippers and snorkel.] We are forecast to have 3 inches of rain tonight!!

  4. I can assure you that it is not all slopy – the best thing are the nice crimpy wholes where you can decide to put your hands in, or use them for your gear ;). There are nice pebbles you can use as footholds. You will usually find bolts where there is no good gear to protect the crack and you always have bolts at the stand and abseil spots.

    And german cakes are famous Ian – you won’t miss out on that!

    Our weekend will be nice and sunny with about 30 degrees celcius 😉 – we will rock the northern vosgese climbs with Bus, crazy german girls and rock music!

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