Diving Red Sea

Ever felt like being in a huge aquarium? That’s how I felt jumping in the 28°C warm water on our first day in Sharm el Sheik (Egypt). Surrounded by millions of colorful fish, lionfish, trigger fish, bluespotted stingrays, clownfish – and we were just skin diving. I always thought there can’t be anything as great as the Great Barrier Reef. But after a week of diving in the Red Sea I have to admit that it is almost as beautiful. The difference is mainly that most dives are drift dives, the water is even more salty (I needed an extra 2 leds) and the hinterland is mostly desert and arabic hard to understand. We had 4 great days of diving even though we didn’t see any big fish besides the usual napoleons, crocodile fish etc. the coral reefs are really making up for it. A quad tour on our rest day gave us the opportunity to experience the hot and dry hinterlands meeting some beduins. Good to know that we could just jump in the water again to get rid of all the dust. 😉

Our favorite beach

At Tiran dive site

Quad tour

Coral life

Pirates of the Red Sea

Beduin woman

Ras Umm Sid

Mr. and Mrs. Clownfish

Mathias & I

Back from the dive

The biggest aquarium in the world

10 thoughts on “Diving Red Sea”

  1. Wow – that looks like one ace holiday! :mrgreen:
    The diving alone would have been awesome, throwing in the quad bike trip was a cool bonus!

    Not sure about the skull and cross-bones flag though! Were there pirates there? 😮

  2. We had cakes every evening :yum: and a shisha as well (even though I did not smoke – smelling it was as good). I bought a case for my digicam that can go down to 5 meters – nice toy! :star:

    About the pirates: couldn’t find Mr. Sparrows but the captain was almost as good – if I can manage to post the video about one of the dive trips you will see 😉

      1. I tried now all different versions (copying the embedded link into the URL box, copying the link only…. looking up the hints) – no success embeding the video as a non-tecci girl ;). Can you help?

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