White Lakeland Christmas

It was a glorious day, dinner could wait, so we went for a walk.

As we were heading out into the wintry snow, we packed supplies…

  • Champagne – check
  • Nibbles – check
  • Extra Christmas presents – check

We ventured out from the door and made our way to the highest point – Brunt Knott

On the way I couldn’t resist a Snow Angel.

Just for Jon, some professional snow angels

A perfect Snow Angel, but who ate all the pies...
Surely not me.

At the top of the hill we found a triangulation post. A perfect table for our supplies.

We had the whole place to ourselves.

Lovely bubbly...
Time for presents.
Christmas cheer.

Suitably refreshed, we had a giggly descent, through a few snow drifts and back to base camp. Time to cook dinner, and maybe a little snooze.

:star: Happy Christmas everyone! :star:

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