Dry Exploration Viewed Over Interesting Drops

After the previous days vertical fun we decided to go for something different and with the weather forecast looking a little less than firm on there being no rain we opted for a trip into the Ease Gill system. Wretched Rabbit to the Minarets and back via Four Ways Chamber was chosen to give Rich and Rach the chance to learn the flood escape route and take some picture to keep Pete happy.

Formations in roof

A very early start saw us at the entrance just before early morning turned into early afternoon. Progress through Wretched Rabbit was accompanied by the sound of Richard’s camera box banging against the walls. The climb up into Four Ways Chamber was located without drama and we soon found ourselves in the crawl to Stop Pot. Fortunately it was shorter than my knees remember. Once in Stop Pot we headed up slope to the foot of the fixed ladder (which actually is these days) and admired the ceiling before climbing up into it on the ladder. From Stop pot we went on to Main Line Terminus, turned right and into Monster Cavern using the correct seven point clambering technique all the way. From Monster we went on through Snail Cavern and at the start of Cornes Cavern were we bumped into a group doing the Lancaster to Wretched Rabbit through trip. We stopped and exchanged pleasantries including descriptions of the passage ahead of the other party: Distance, size and ease. (I’m not sure they believed us, we didn’t believe them). At the far end of the majestic Cornes Cavern is the Minarets, a collection of three parallel passages all having a fine triangular shape with some impressive formations. Rich and Rach concentrated on photos and I concentrated on as many of the forty winks as possible.

Minarets, the classic photo spot

When the camera card was nearly full of pixels we started for the exit with Rich and Rach leading. Several more photo breaks were taken on the way out which was achieved in good order. As we exited the clambers out of Wretched Rabbit we were caught by another party who were doing Top Sink to Wretched Rabbit. On the surface a further party of two was waiting on the surface for us all to get out of the way so they could go back in and continue their days prospecting.

Those winks are around here somewhere and I'm gonna find them

Walking back to the cars we agreed that it had been a good weekend and we would all hurt the following day.

6 thoughts on “Dry Exploration Viewed Over Interesting Drops”

  1. Thanks for thinking of my picture needs when selecting your Sunday caving venue! 😛
    What happened to focus on the last two pix though? 🙁

    I can’t remember the last time I caved two consecutive days! I know I’d be hurting all over for sure!! :zip:

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