Petrol Heads go Electric

Today we started the long task of cutting all the wood that is going to supply North Cumbria for the next 5 years. The chainsaw developed an early problem (constantly stalling), so we switched to the electric chopsaw. This limited our cuttng to the narrower logs, but we still managed to end up with wood drying everywhere!

Andy forces the girls back to the kitchen

Wood drying in the kitchen

Sabiene and Anna made the workers chocolate brownie cake. Yum!!

Sabiene gets ready to serve CAKE!! YUM!!

5 thoughts on “Petrol Heads go Electric”

  1. Actually Sabiene did all the work, I just supervised.

    The chocolate brownie cake (containing 3.5 large bars of Green & Black’s dark 70% choc and 1/2 lb butter) with fresh cherries was Sabiene’s FIRST EVER attempt at baking a cake!!!! A good start to a baking career, hope we get to test her future attempts…

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