New Tremadog Guidebook Reviews…

The new CC Tremadog guidebook is already getting some amazing praise from all over the place. If you notice something mentioning the new guidebook please post a comment (and link) here.
Both positive and negative reviews are valuable; there’s always room for improvement… 😉

Oh dear, this new Tremadog Guide is so fantastic I can’t put it down.
Go buy it ASAP you won’t regret it.

Mike Raine, on Facebook

Here are the reviews I’ve found so far (I’ll add anymore I stumble across, so check back in a day or two):

Series - Tremadog

  1. Tremadog Inspectors?
  2. Sunny Tremadog
  3. Tremadog Festival
  4. Deep Fried Mars Bar Hunt Ends…
  5. Tremadog Festival
  6. Tremadog is off to the printers!
  7. Tremadog – the stars are here!
  8. New Tremadog Guidebook Reviews…
  9. Tremadog Launch Party

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