Our Final 2 days in the Costa Baltic…….

On Wednesday we decided to head for Aventador about an hours drive north; this proved a good choice, loads of 6’s all around 30m in length – it was still quite chilly and sun only shone periodically. We all managed 5 routes which equated to around 150m of tendon pulling, forearm pumping climbing; the rock was very sharp in places and Fiona’s ‘udder cream’ was much appreciated…… After a long day we went out for a meal in the evening although we did make a slight detour to the supermarket to stock up on Hagen-Das of the Belgium Chocolate and Strawberries and Cream variety; Keith wanted this as a starter but we managed to wrestle the two tubs off him and get them into the freezer until we returned from our meal out…!
Today we headed for Alcalali; steep, hard but finally some sun 😀 This was to be a ‘last-day’ go for it; however I was completely buggered after yesterdays exertions; Keith however was in his element: Formally known as Keith ‘The Godfather’ Sanders, it’s now 6b Keith and as for The Barnsley Beast Mr Paul Hallos; there was no holding him back…! Paul and Pete and Keith managed 4 routes, I managed 3 but my arms are now another foot longer. We called it a day at 3.30 so we headed off for a last day beer in the nearby village.

Gearing up at the bottom of Aventador
Keith cruising the N332 girls, sorry I mean OV 6a+
More cruising from 'The Godfather'.
Pete and Richard trying to make sense of the guidebook......
Richard "My bloody finger tips".
Keith 'The Godfather' Sanders.
Paul 'The Barnsley Beast' Hallos.
Keith on La Barra: 6b.
.... and again.
Pete 'Just call me Stirling Moss' Sterling on Elendigliches 6a+

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3 thoughts on “Our Final 2 days in the Costa Baltic…….”

    1. HE HE, in the defence of the other boys, it was only me that didn’t shave for the whole week (I still haven’t – will do before work on Monday). Must be just a coincidence that everyone else looks a bit hairy in these pics… :mrgreen:

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