8 teashops trail run

Today I took three more initiates on my secret trail run. It has been hijacked as part of a commercial trail run later this year so is likely to get busier after May. The route was very flooded, ankle deep within 100 yards of the start, and frequently knee-deep or more. Great fun. It was Julie’s and Maria’s first attempt at this sport and they enjoyed it so much that we then went to a running shop for them to buy trail shoes!

Sadly we did not take a camera (just as well, it probably would not have survived the wet), so we had to content ourselves with photos on Julie’s iphone in Booth’s cafe afterwards. For those who are wondering, we did not enter any of the 8 teashops, honest. I have no idea how to copy these pics from Facebook so will leave it up to Pete to edit (sorry, webmaster).

One thought on “8 teashops trail run”

  1. Strange to admit, but it sounds like great fun. If it was dark, it would be a bit like caving – mud and water.

    Pete can’t seem to do anything with the links. The pictures aren’t on your facebook page. Are they on Julie or Maria’s. Perhaps we can’t see them because we’re not ‘friends’.

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