The Journey North

Our last day on the ice shelf had us packing up all the kit and getting to the ship. Of course, it would be a real error by the Captain to get caught by the ever thickening sea-ice. As we left a group of whales accompanied us along the ice shelf,

Leaving the Brunt Ice Shelf

As it happened, a wide channel had opened up and we made the good time of 7 days to the Falklands. As ever on a ship, we were accompanied by Albatrosses and had some great sea views

An albatross soars along with the ship
Sunrise just south of the Falklands

We docked in at Mare Harbour, on the other other side of the East Island from Port Stanley, as this was close to the airport. There is still a huge military presence on the Islands, and a lot of the beaches and hills are out of bounds still due to mines (after 30 years!!) We were lucky with the weather though and there was still loads to see:

Arriving at Mare Harbour, The Falklands
Gentoo penguins on the beach
A Gentoo Penguin

Port Stanley, although small, has a long history of naval battles and a great museum, easily enough to spend a whole day looking around (worth a visit if you are passing)

The harbour front from the jetty
The famous whalebone arch and Cathedral

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  1. Yes, the last penguin pic is excellent, as are many of the others. I particularly like the Sunrise one with the bird. If you’re already home – welcome back; if not, safe journey.

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