Sailing on the Solent, Buzzing

A long journey south was made on Friday to stay with my father.

We then met up with the rest of the Spice and Buzz sailors at the Seafarers Sailing Club at Hill Head near Lee on Solent.

We had a fantastic weekend learning to better set up and sail the Buzz.

The wind picked up in the afternoon and we capsized twice. The first time was a bit interesting, the second time we had mastered the process of righting her.

Sunday was time for trapezing and using the spinnaker with thanks to Andy Holmes of Wet and Windy who was at the helm while Sarah and I took it in turns to get out on the wire and get the spinnaker up.

What a fab weekend, shame it’s such a long way south (7 hours each way).

We look forward to meeting up with all our new friends very soon.

6 thoughts on “Sailing on the Solent, Buzzing”

    1. We’re hoping to get out next week on a 32′ yacht from Whitehaven to Oban. Bacon butties will be made I’m sure.

      But the little Buzz of ours is a bit like a racing car – very close to the water with high performance. Bring it on! :yum:

  1. The boat doesn’t fill with water when we’re on the water. It’s all about trimming the boat correctly, and with the speed 😛 it can go it doesn’t have chance to fill up.

    The lack of a transom is very useful, especially when you get it right over :mrgreen: . The water comes in and then drains very quickly.

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