Dolomiti – giorno 3

A less eventful trek to Rifugio Treviso

We left Rifugio Pradidali on route 709 that led up a snow covered valley past the beautiful Lake Pradidali.

Lake Pradidali
Above Lake Pradidali

After a few hours of walking we came to Passo della Fradusta and soon after we reached the Fradusta glacier and glacial lake. Then, another up and down on route 708 took us to Passo di Canali, from where we followed route 707 down to Rifugio Treviso in Val di Canali. This entailed a descent of 840 m and we discussed at length why they didn’t site the hut higher up the mountain.

The descent was well worth the effort, if only for the warm fire and large quantities of food.

Lake Fradusta at the terminus of the Ghiacciaio della Fradusta glacier
Climbing around the side of Cima Manstorna towards Passo di Canali
Richard and Rachel from Passo di Canali

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