Old Man Willow

In another of our increasingly vain attempts to prepare for the Rab MM later this year Laetitia and I went for another run today. We punctuated the boredom of simply running by locating Geo Caches along the way. Geo Caching is a bit like Letterboxing but one relies entirely upon a GPS to get you to the right sport, although sometimes there is a little clue to help find the treasure once you are there, like “Don’t bottle out in the roots”.

This reliance upon GPS, and not good old navigation skills, allowed Old Man Willow to capture Laetitia! 😯

Laetitia screamed, "I'm in here, help!"

Just like Tom Bombadil I sang to the tree (and found the Geo Cache) and luckily it released Laetitia to allow us to continue our journey…


5 thoughts on “Old Man Willow”

  1. Only 12 km. My knee doesn’t seem to want me to go any further. We’re going to try it again tonight without the the long stops to see how fast we can do it. I have to point out now that it won’t be without lots of short stops.

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