10 thoughts on “Something to do… whilst it’s snowing.”

  1. Wow! Thanks so much for your puzzle Rach! It kept us amused for hours yesterday evening! What a laugh!
    Anyhow, here’s our best guess at the answers…

    We didn’t consult the blog for answers. But, we must declare a little use of Google to help out… And that presented two inadvertent links to the blog! So in the spirit of full disclosure answers 9 and 15 across were significantly helped by the web reference that is our blog. Interestingly 15 across also pulled up links to Brendan’s south Wales caves site.

    Just three were beyond us. I wonder if others, perhaps the post authors, got them?

  2. and well done for Kelda’s stick. That was tricky. The ones that you haven’t got are all ones that relate to images rather than text.

      1. well… not exactly failed… because he got Kelda’s stick, which was also part of the picture round…. but he’s certainly stronger on the written content of the blog.

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