The Halley Build… continues

A week to go before I head south for the Antarctic summer season, hopefully to finish the project on the Brunt Ice shelf: the Halley VI build. If you followed last year’s series of reports, you will remember that the modules were all complete and towed to their new location, where they were linked together. This season there is a lot of mechanical and electrical work to complete, some painting to follow this work and general finishing work.

The base has been left to face the Antarctic winter, and with no heating installed yet and no sun, it obviously got quite cold;

Halley V1 after the Antarctic winter

I’m going a bit earlier this year to join Brian’s logistics team: lots of digging and moving equipment. The winter team at Halley V have already been to see the penguin colony at windy bay, and as I’m going to arrive earlier this year I’m hoping to get down there to take a few pics.

Emperor penguins at Windy Bay

As the new base is more remote the communications link is not as reliable as last year, but I’ll try to keep you up to date with developments. Stay tuned!!!

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5 thoughts on “The Halley Build… continues”

  1. The winter team were staying at Halley V, so only got cold when they had to fill the melt tank. :freeze: :freeze:
    I’m flying via Cape Town and Novolazarevskaya :alien: , a Russian Base in Queen Maud Land. It can take a while, depending on the weather.

    1. Wow, Queen Maud Land has the most amazing mountains, rock faces, rising straight out of the ice! :mrgreen: Very envious of your going there. I wonder if you’ll have time to look around before going on to Halley?

      queen maud land

  2. I can’t believe a year has gone since your last trip. How fortunate to be gong back. I hope you have a safe trip & come back with all your extremities intact!

  3. Yes, where did the year go? 😕 I think I’ve only seen you twice since the last time! Take care… we will miss you terribly at Christmas again…keep posting stories when you can… x :love:

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