Langdale Navigation & Kendal Fireworks

What amazing weather, a whole weekend of wall-to-wall sunshine! Even the evening was clear (and cold) for the fireworks… 😀

After planting nearly 100 mini daffodil bulbs (they were on offer ay Hayes, just £3 for 30) we headed out in to the fells to enjoy the weather. It would have been a great day for rock climbing on a suitably sunny south facing crag. But, because of the late start we opted for a walk with a late finish to allow for some night navigation and a quick dash in to Kendal to see the fireworks at the castle.

Pete on top of one of the many tops of Cold Pike
Laetitia with the Scafell tops beyond
At first I thought this little mushroom was a magic mushroom - it's the right colour, size, and basic shape - but thanks to Mike Raine's super little book, Nature of Snowdonia, I think it's actually an inedible Milk Bonnet...

The fireworks over Kendal Castle were spectacular! And free! 😛 Although we did chuck a few quid in to the Round Table collection bucket to support (unspecified) “Kendal charities”.

The amazing fireworks over Kendal Castle!
(with Photoshop enhancement, sorry couldn't resist! 😉 )

9 thoughts on “Langdale Navigation & Kendal Fireworks”

    1. Well, normally it would be just a map between us, but as we decided to practice our micro-navigation skills (e.g. finding the most stupidly small wrinkles in the contours) the level of concentration and attention to detail demands that you have your own map. You can spend 10 minutes staring at an area of the map just 2mm2

  1. I must say, it looks as though you lot did a better job with the fireworks than we did way down here in Glasgow…

    No, I’m kidding, but it does look like Kendal Castle went the whole hog.

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