CFR “Easy” Fell Race

The Cumberland Fell Runners hosted an end-of-season “easy” fell run for all local clubs. “All welcome” the invitation said, so I persuaded Andy and Jo, not memebers of any club, to come along. I had decided that if necessary we could quickly become a club.

the Before picture - newly-formed running club prepares for the fray

The route was round and up (and down) Sale Fell near Basssenthwaite. As the turnout was better than expected there were not enough maps for everyone. The flags which had partially marked the course the previous evening had been partially removed by vandals, we were told. However (a) the weather was nice and sunny, no vis problems, and (b) I took the view that I was unlikely to be at the front and having to route-find, but could follow everybody else, so I was happy to be mapless.

One of the few maps

The route was initially alleged to be three miles but in fact turned out to be 4+ The comp was not by time, but by position, so the first back got 100 points, the second got 99 points, etc. All points for each team were added together and the highest scoring team got the main prize. There were also prizes for the 1st 3 ladies and 1st 3 men but the members of our scratch club all knew there was no purpose in even thinking about what the prizes might be; we were just there for the fun (“fun”??).

The initial gentle climb. Andy (grey top) and Anna (purple top) centre; Jo hasn't got into the picture yet

In fact there were quite a few times when I could not see anybody in front, as they either breasted another false summit or dropped over a steeper descent. So perhaps I should practise navigation like P&T after all. Fortunately the route-finding was straightforward and there was the odd marshal.

Some of us tried harder than others

As usual I forgot to check my watch at the finish line 🙁 so I have no real idea how long the course took, but I was about 1/2 way through the field which was quite adequate.

Approaching the finish - Sabiene was official photographer
The "after" photo: Andy, Anna, Jo

We all had a great time and look forward to the next one!

After excellent coffee at the Pheasant, a recommended hostelry for your next visit to the area, the day finished off wonderfully for me: on Parsonby Brow I passed the Cumberland Hunt (sorry Pete).

My riding ambition has always been to be good enough to hunt but, as that clearly will never happen, I think I will stick to trying to be a fell-runner.

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  1. LOL! 😀
    I thought “Hesket Harriers” sounded good, or even “Howbeck Harriers”, that being the bit that A & S live in. Perhaps it needs to be “H…. Harriers and Hangers-on”?

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