Bowfell Snowiness

Wintry weather was forecast, and that’s exactly what we were served up on Bowfell today.

Dave and Fiona stayed with us Saturday night – which provided a great opportunity to drink more wine than we should have and to catch up on the past year’s adventures etc. But this meant we were a little sluggish getting out of bed in time to meet Helen at the YHA in Ambleside, but we made it as planned and went on to meet Dave (and his two dogs Millie and Pippa) at the ODG in Langdale…

Pete and Dave practicing their micro-navigation on the way up to Bowfell
Dave, Dave, Fiona, Helen, and Laetitia grab a lunch stop behind a convenient rocky outcrop to provide a little shelter from the wind, hail, and snow.
Wintry conditions on the climber's traverse towards Bowfell Buttress
Hooray, Bowfell summit, Helen and Laetitia celebrate!
Catalogue poses!
Back in the warmth of the bar at the ODG ... where we used beer and hot chocolate (plain, or spiked with rum or brandy) to rewarm.

5 thoughts on “Bowfell Snowiness”

    1. 😯 😯 No way.
      We just haven’t managed to get on dry rock recently. 🙁
      The navigation was a very small part of the day. It was far too cold to mess around looking for ring contours. :freeze: :freeze:

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