Three Weekends – Three Styles

The past month we’ve had a lot of snow which is always fun!

Dog agility course covered by snow

Three weeks ago it was bright with unbelievably blue sky and beautiful landscape. So we enjoyed our walk in the hills of Northern Hungary where we climbed up to the highest peak of the country (1014 m)

The sun painted shadows on the canvas of snow

The next weekend brought heavy snowfalls with slippery motorways and poor visibility. But this didn’t deter us from driving 150k to the hills again. The landscape was quite different but equally enjoyable, tho extremely cold, around minus 10-15°C during the day with strong winds.

Visiting the Hermit Caves

Another weekend came and the snow was still here. This time we preferred running in the white Hungarian Puszta!

Flat as a pancake
Family team

3 thoughts on “Three Weekends – Three Styles”

  1. Wow, with such cold weather if there were some waterfalls you’d have a great ice climbing venue there…
    What about ice skating? There must be a lot of outdoor skating. Does Hungary have a strong ice hockey league?

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