A surfeit of puddings

At the weekend there were two local Christmas Pudding races.

On Saturday the Langdale 10k started in freezing cold rain and wind, about 5 minutes after I had been persuaded to leave my rainjacket in the car. The competitors huddled up like emperor penguins at the south pole in winter; it was ok if you were in the middle of the pack. Fortunately we ran out of the weather as we went down the valley – unfortunately we ran back into it at the finish. One had to run fast to keep warm and I felt as if I’d done ok but, sadly, I was 18 seconds slower than last year πŸ™ so no prizes to brag about. (And the winner of my class was a whoile 5 mins faster than me so lucky she wasn’t in last year’s race!) But all entrants get a big pudding:


No other pics as the supporters team was otherwise engaged (having a long lie-in) so Andy Sarah and I just had to cheer ourselves on.

On Sunday the Cumberland Fell Runners’ Christmas Pudding Race went through Setmurthy Woods. This takes the route of my summer after-work en-route-home 5.5 k training run, so I know it well. However, it is not usually quite so muddy at the top of the hill; on this occasion I should think a couple of minutes were lost with sliding around – should have worn fell shoes not trail shoes for that bit!

Debbie, a work colleague of mine, was doing her first race for a while after having been diagnosed with arthritis in her foot – but she still managed to smile:


…or maybe it was the costume that amused her?

Several elves entered this race as well as sundry Santas.

A few elves after the race
A few elves after the race

Happily I performed better on Sunday in spite of having run the day before, and got the FV50 prize. Fortunately that was not yet another pudding, but a bottle of plonk πŸ™‚

So my cupboard is well stocked with festive cheer as shown below.

L-r CFR pud (individual), CFR class prize :) and Langdale pud (large)
L-r CFR pud (individual), CFR class prize πŸ™‚ and Langdale pud (large)

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    1. Thanks, minor victories maybe but often quite big ones for me πŸ™‚

      And, yes, the kitchen was refurbed and improved by its owner just before he went South. Sadly the snazzy electronic wine cooler seems to be malfunctioning as the white section is currently warmer than the red section πŸ™ Come and see it some time.

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