Nuclear dump threatens Lakes

The BMC are encouraging their membership to stand up be counted by signing the No Nuclear Dump In The Lake District e-petition. I’ve already done so, which is super easy to do, so please consider adding your name to help protect this…


The Lake District is one of the most beautiful places in our country, if not the world, and an environment enjoyed by many millions of people every year. Sellafield nuclear site, on the west coast, has been part of the Cumbrian economy for decades and nobody wants to harm that industry and the jobs it brings. However, the decision to explore the development of an underground store under the fells could be a disaster for tourism and the District. The government and local councils are pressing ahead with these plans, incentivised by a “community benefits package” for the area, against significant evidence [Nirex’s 1997 Refused Plans, Friends of the Earth, Cumbria’a unsuitability, Save our Lake District, Radiation Free Cumbria] about the areas unsuitability.

Stand up and be counted: sign the e-petition, and contact your MP! :angry:

17 thoughts on “Nuclear dump threatens Lakes”

  1. This is a really difficult issue- there is no easy answer. If it were simple, a site would have been found that was acceptable before now. It doesn’t matter where you put it, no-one will want it – who in their right mind would? Until someone comes up with a way of disposing of nuclear waste that doesn’t involve storage, we’re stuck with the problem – always assuming we accept that nuclear power is an essential part of the mix of producing energy (with which I happen to agree). So inevitably any resistance (otherwise known as NIMBYism) exports the problem somewhere else. I seem to remember that there’s a nuclear waste disposal site somewhere in the Netherlands that actually welcomes ‘deposits’ – if that’s the case, why don’t we genuinely export our problem? Incidentally, I’m not arguing for the LD to become a depositary – far from it.

    1. Understood. But isn’t this a case of the incentives (money) causing the politicians to turn a blind-eye to, or try to find ways round, the fact that previous geological studies have found Cumbria to be unsuitable? Interestingly I’ve read that clay based geology is better, such as that found near London and Oxford. I wonder how likely those areas are to be considered as possible sites for long term storage facilities?

      1. Hah! Somewhat unlikely, I suspect. Emotion overuling rational argument – surely politics don’t come into it….?!
        Of course, if Scotland become(s) independent (unlikely, I hope) we could export it there….
        But seriously, the average punters just don’t understand the technical stuff & vote with their heart – even if a site were found that was ideal, someone in the locality would be against it.
        Re Cumbria, I wouldn’t want to see anything that would prejudice the safety & beauty of the area. I don’t know enough about it to be able to comment knowledgably on your point about previous geological surveys – can you point me in the right direction? (signing off for now).

        1. The trick is to avoid underground storage altogether. As you say above, storage is something we do until the waste can be processed into a non radioactive/acceptably radioactive state. Until then government needs to find methods that can best be managed to minimize possible environmental impact. There is already above ground storage in the LD.

          (At what point will Tish step in and tell us off for doing politics on the blog ❓ 😆 )

          1. Not at all. I am incensed by the fracking business. Don’t know what to do or who to shout about it to. 🙁
            Can’t believe they’re thinking of both fracking and nuclear storage so close together. Am I stupid, or are they?

        2. There are links on our website with all the background information you need. Please take the time to read. We are not anti nuclear and not anti Sellafield, just against turning Ennerdale into an Industrial site when there are safer alternatives. Unfortunately, common sense and safety do not apply in this case, because the argument is based on politics not on science.

          1. Many Thanks Paul

            Happy New year

            Please come back to me if you want any further info. We seem to have been labelled as the Lunatic Fringe of Climbers, Walkers and those strange people who actually do stuff outside, so we are happy to discuss any of the issues and even point you to both side of the argument.

  2. Ennerdale Protest Walk – 12:00hrs Saturday 26th January 2013

    We have organised a protest walk in Ennerdale on Saturday 26th January 2013.

    This is the potential route that heavy lorries and site equipment could take through the Ennerdale valley. The walk will start at Bowness Knott Carpark and continue beside the lake and end at the River Liza Delta just below Ennerdale Fell. This would be the anticipated site for the temporary Drilling HQ if seismic testing is to be carried out in MRWS Stage 5.

    The closing sequences of the movie 28 Days Later (2002), directed by Danny Boyle, were filmed around the Ennerdale area and people will remember the message laid on the grass and viewed from above. We have arranged for the walk to be photographed from the air, weather permitting. It is our intention to recreate the final scene and provide footage and stills for use by the media.

    The proposed walk will be a gentle stroll of 1.5miles each way and is easy enough for families and walkers of all ability. Please make sure all your friends, family, colleagues and anyone else who will listen comes along and supports this protest. We need as many people as possible to create media interest. Please pass on this email to anyone you feel is appropriate.

    If you are coming please print out a poster, fix it to cardboard and a stick and carry it with you on the day. The more posters we have the better. There is an A4 single sided poster and an A3 poster in two halves which can be printed on a standard printer. The message is simple. MRWS – Stop – Stage 4

    Posters available for printing at

    Start :- Bowness Knott Carpark (map ref NY110154)

    Time :- 11:30am for a 12 o’clock start

    Date :- Saturday 26th January

    If you want any further information please see or email

    1. Amazingly great result! :good: As of today, some of my faith in CCC is restored. :mrgreen:

      Lets hope you are wrong Colin, and that is the end of the issue for Cumbria.

      As it says, “efforts need to be focused on disposing of the waste underground in the safest place, not the easiest”, should be the priority. Perhaps that means London clay should be back on the agenda? 😈

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