CSS Annual Dinner

Despite snow falling thick and fast at home and despite our road being like an ice rink, we headed to Whitewalls for the annual dinner weekend. The roads were pretty clear until we reached Brymawr. A small icy hill was impassable and left us finding another way round to the start of the tramroad which encircles Llangattock Hill. Once on the tramroad we sunk immediately into the slush which was the consistency of blamange and so decided to carefully retrace our steps.

Plan B. Head to Whitewalls via Crickhowell and leave the car at the bottom of the hill. So that’s what we did and we walked up the hill to the cottage. Amazingly this steep road was entirely free of snow and ice!!!

On Saturday we awoke to a very snowy Llangattock.

The view from Whitewalls with snow
The view from Whitewalls with snow

Our entertainment for the day was in Aggy. We visited Northern Stream. And yes it was a collector’s item and no it doesn’t go anywhere and yes, it was very grotty and no there wasn’t anything to see. Despite these things, it was a good trip. We emerged back to the surface with Andy, who had been measuring scallops underground, to find an entrance which was surrounded by snow! Members of the caving club had built a 7 foot wall around the entrance of the cave! It was quite a feat of engineering!

That evening we had a great time at the Bear eating and generally being merry at the annual dinner.

Then in the morning we awoke to a completely thawed Llangattock… 🙁

The view from Whitewalls without snow
The view from Whitewalls without snow

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