James & Oliver go skiing … again!


We left the rain in England to find Chamonix all covered in snow. All the flights were delayed so we didn’t get to Uncle Pete and Aunty Tish’s apartment until 2am!

The next morning it was really cloudy so we went to Planards and skied down the blue slope a few times to get used to skiing again.

The next day the sun came out (the sky was the bluest you’ve ever seen) and so we went to Les Houches. We skied all day and did 9 runs! The next day we went back to Les Houches and did the red run that Uncle Pete took us down at Christmas. Then we skied down the mountain, almost to the bottom.

photo 2

photo 4

We stopped for lunch at a cafe where a band was playing Jazz music. We decided to ski down the mountain again until daddy had a massive crash when a teenager cut right in front of him. He really hurt his shoulder and wanted to go home, but mummy bought him some beer and he cheered up a bit.

photo 3

On our last day it was cloudy again, but mummy and daddy were determined to ski from Brevent to Flegere. So we set off and skied all the way, even though we couldn’t see anything. At the top of Flegere we took a picture of Gulliver, the class mascot. He has to go on holiday with anyone going somewhere exciting and you have to take a picture for the school website.


Then mummy bought herself a cake!


We had a fantastic holiday and can’t wait to come back! Hopefully Tish and Pete will be here next time because it gets a bit boring skiing down blue runs all day waiting for mummy and daddy to catch up!

2 thoughts on “James & Oliver go skiing … again!”

  1. Wow, looks like you had a fantastic time. :star: :star: :star:
    Well done for going down the red at Les Houches.
    Bet Chamonix is the most exciting place Gulliver has been. Glad to see he’s skiing.
    Can’t believe mummy only bought 1 cake! 😯

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