Country Fest at Crooklands

Some amazing shapes flying through the air.

Last night there was another terror attack in London. The terrorists want to disrupt our way of life, but we won’t let that happen. In a small part of the north west of England, very far away from any thoughts of terrorism, a very traditional British summer festival takes place – the Country Fest at Crooklands.

A bit smaller than the Westmorland Show, but lots to see. One of the best bits for me are the kites, which you can see from the motorway and must attract lots of inquisitive people.

Pete and Zac enjoying the sunny day.

But they weren’t the only things flying through the air. There was a display of motorbike acrobatics by Bold Dog. They were fantastic.

A summersault.
Arial acrobatics.
All three in the air at once.

There were some tractors…

Of course there had to be tractors.
A tractor with flowers.

And tug of war…

The women Tug of War
The women showing some strength.
Men’s tug of war.

And of course, some refreshments.

A cheeky beer with an Angus Beef Burger.

It was a good day out.

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