I’ve entered the Marmotte 2018!

The somewhat daunting profile of the Marmotte Alps - over 5000m of climbing!

The 2017 Etape du Tour was an utterly incredible day! And the build up and training that got me to the finish line was fantastic too. So for 2018 I decided I should do something similar… However, to raise the bar a little higher this time around I have chosen the Marmotte Alps – the distance is 174km, so it’s a little bit shorter than the 2017 Etape, but with over 5000m of climbing it is significantly more demanding than the Etape!

From FacebookThe Etape du Tour was a brilliant experience. So, confirming suspicions of my lunacy, I’ve only gone and booked a spot in the 2018 Marmotte. Even tougher than the Etape!

The route of the classic Marmotte Alps

It should be a great adventure, stay tuned for updates…

Series - La Marmotte

  1. I’ve entered the Marmotte 2018!

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