Moving Postcard from Antarctica

Yeah! 😛 We got a postcard from Antarctica today! Just like Anna’s card it’s got a funky Halley Bay stamp on the back, but our card was even slower making it’s way from the far far south all the way to it’s final destination in the far far [English] north. I’d guess Ian knows his own postcode better? Our card had none. Whatever, it’s a cool (no pun intended) memento of Ian’s awesome adventure.

Antarctic Postcard

Also – the moving bit – Ian has sent me a massive email attachment to upload… After a bit of resampling to get the filesize down from the enormous 10MB to just about 2MB, making it a fair bit easier, if a little less high quality, for everyone to see.

As Ian reported earlier, the move of the new Halley base has begun. Quite incredible really, the idea of a whole scientific research station being dragged piece by piece across the ice. Especially when one considers that they’ll do this again and again every year as the ice carries it towards the sea. 😮

It looks like a scene from Star Wars; the ice planet Hoth with the Halley base playing the part of an AT AT Walker


Postal delay

This is my chance to post an Antarctic blog!!

The card pictured below arrived today:

sent on 30 December, it is postmarked from Halley Bay:

And note the special BAS stamp.

As a footnote, readers may remember a previous blog which described, as one of the dangerous sports on offer, being towed behind a skidoo on skis (like waterskiing). Well, I hear that the inevitable has happened: someone fell off and broke his arm. Apparently, if you get hurt on non-work related activities and can’t work – you don’t get paid. So he’s working with the other hand!

Too Much (French) Cake


It seems to have taken ages to get here, but I guess that’s the nature of postcards – not quite the same speediness as the internet! 😉 Anyway, more postcard “kat” joking from Terry in France, at St Martin de Londres this time.

I know it isn’t just Laetitia and I that like a cake to reward a good day’s climbing – you can see here that Terry enjoys his cakes too!

Swiss Greetings

Terry’s avatar postcard arrived a few days ago (sorry for the delay in posting, I’ve been to Norwich 😯 with work this week) – the card is sporting the now traditional contemplative Kats…

I’m not sure about the watch story, but Terry’s exploration of the cragging opportunities around the Grimsel Pass area of the Bernese Oberland in Switzerland is a complete certainty; his appetite for rock climbing puts the rest of us to shame!