Haute Route Planning


It’s been a while coming, but here we are back in Chamonix with the classic traverse from Chamonix to Zermatt, the Haute Route, taking up the agenda for the next week! Ian has brought a series of ‘one-day’ sized maps to use on our adventure.

Ye ha, can’t wait to have it done. Although I could do without the knackered legs I’m sure I’m gonna suffer…

Series - Haute Route

  1. Ski Touring + Late Night Decorating!
  2. Haute Route Planning
  3. Haute Route Preparations
  4. The Haute Route, Chamonix to Zermatt

4 thoughts on “Haute Route Planning”

  1. The magic of internet. There is my wonderful twin brother, making plans to conquer the world again… with or without the whiskey, our ambitions have always been huge…

    Keep on climbing…

    Emerald (7) and Crystal (5) can’t wait to join you… First 5 mile hike under their belts!

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