La Grande Dalle d’Amone


Yes this slab (sorry, wall, Terry) was “Grande” and great fun too. Although I think we got off route a bit at one point finding ourselves in the middle of very blank slab some way above the last protection! But that isn’t surprising, we had no guidebook, just Paul’s vague recollection of the route from quite a few years ago…

Another “Plan B”, popping over to Switzerland to escape the showers in Chamonix, another amazing day.

Series - Chamonix 2007

  1. Plan B
  2. La Grande Dalle d’Amone
  3. Laetitia gets the Swiss Army knife out…
  4. A walk on the not so wild side
  5. What time is the last train?
  6. Laetitia has a cold; Paul + Pete go downhill…
  7. Where’s it gone…?

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