Two sets of adventure

I had entered Richard and I for the Hebden 22 mile race this weekend. Unfortunately I tore my calf last Saturday 🙁 . The physio reported a 1 cm tear and said that I have to stretch, ice for 15 minutes in every hour (for the first few days) and then only partake in non-impact exercise … i.e. swimming and cycling…. that meant that the weekend was devoid of racing, which was pretty obvious anyway! I write whilst alternating my leg on ice, then hot water bottle, ice, then hot water bottle … x 7 times.

So, I escorted Richard to Mytholmroyd, near Hebden Bridge and whilst he was running I went out on the bike.

Richard: Richard completed the hilly 22 mile race in 3 hrs 32. Despite the fact that Richard trains about half as much as me, he still managed to come 2nd and was running with the leading group the whole way round. I believe that my husband is super-human, otherwise I would be extremely jealous of his ability to run long distances very quickly.

Rachel: I cycled from Mytholmroyd up some very icy roads (see pictures) over Warley Moor (with frozen reservoir – see pictures) to Oxenholme (where I warmed up in the station) and then back on the A6033, with a short diversion to visit Hardcastle Crags, before returning back to base.

On my return we had lunch and cake – guiness cake (see picture) in a cafe and then awaited our friend Andy, who was also running. Andy came in an hour or so later and was extremely tired … well done Andy – he finished with only three quarters of his foot left.

Above Midgley
Warsley reservoir

Station at Oxenholme where I was quite cold

Guiness Cake - very nice

Richard: Richard ran at an orienteering event in Malvern … It was quite hilly, so Richard was a bit slower than usual … (thank goodness he feels pain too!)

Rachel: Because I need to keep up an exercise campaign to be able to rival Richard on hills (even if only on events >40 miles), I decided that I needed a challenge. The 28 miles the day before had not hurt my calf at all, so I decided that I could carry on cycling, despite my sore bum. First, I took the decision to swap the bike seat on my bike with the bike seat on Richard’s bike, which proved to be a sensible decision. Second, I needed a challenge. A circular route didn’t really appeal, so I thought about cycling back home from Malvern where Richard was anyway, but the fact that Birmingham was in the way put me off. Then I had the great idea of cycling to our friends house and then getting Richard to pick me up on his way back from orienteering. I told our friends that I’d be there by 3.00pm. I left home at 10.00 and cycled from Tamworth, through Lichfield, through Rugely, over Cannock Chase, through Penkridge, through some small villages with very expensive houses, before reaching Newport, Shropshire. By this time my bum was particularly sore, but amazingly I managed to arrive at 3.05 pm, after only stopping once for a brief lunch. It was about 45 miles, which is the furthest I’ve cycled … a new lifetime record 🙂 … and it was additionally hard work as I didn’t stand up on the pedals at all, in fear of hurting my calf 🙂

A good weekend, even with no running for me. Not sure when I’ll be back running, but will hopefully take full advantage of the bike and the pool for now. Aquajogging on a Tuesday and Thursday night is keeping me busy for now. 🙂

8 thoughts on “Two sets of adventure”

  1. Well do you, and well done to Richard too (although, as we all know, there’s no prizes for second place… 😉 )

    I’m intrigued though, your friend Andy finished with only three quarters of his foot left? What?! 😯

  2. To put the recodr straight, I was actually 5th. But had the same recorded time as the winner (the LDWA only record times to the nearest minute). I show up in second on the results because they sorted by finishing time and then entry number. So well done to Rachel for entering us early! It moved me up three places! :sarcy:

    Secondly, if I was really superhuman, I would have won, surely? Must do better in future!

    1. No, not a class, just the pool and I. It is really hard work! I tried endurance aquajogging tonight, which is really tough because if you don’t “run” relatively quickly you sink. You can get a flotation belt, but that makes it less hard work.

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