Staveley Beer Festival

One great benefit of living in Staveley is that when the Beer Festival comes to town we don’t have to drive anywhere.

Instead, Dave and Ali cycled to ours for some pre sesh ballast in the form of chilli with all the trimmings.

We headed over to Hawkshead Brewery for about 8pm, only to find the main attraction (apart from the beer), The Curragh Sons, were already in full swing. We ordered our first pint, Hawkshead Bitter, and tapped our feet to the rhythm of Irish folk.

The music was great, but so loud we couldn’t talk, so we ventured upstairs to the River View Bar to check out some of the guest beers. We were lucky enough to find a sofa free, so we slouched back and enjoyed more beer.

As the beers were getting low, we called out for help… and the Beer Monster Super Hero came to the rescue…


… however, on tasting some of the new beers we weren’t quite so sure whether the Beer Monster Super Hero should give up his day job!


Pete came to the conclusion that Beer Festivals are arranged to sell second rate beers at first rate prices. The beers aren’t really second rate, but the ones we selected were very ‘fruity’, however, strangely, the more we drank, the more palatable they became.

Order of preference:

  1. Hawkshead Bitter
  2. The Hit Lights
  3. Mariana Trench
  4. Madness IPA
  5. Tickety Brew

Anyway, after we’d had a skin full, Dave and Ali cycled home. 😯

One thought on “Staveley Beer Festival”

  1. Now here’s a post I can contribute to! I’m holidaying in Masham, N Yorks this year which, as some of you will know, is the home of the Black Sheep Brewery (aka Theakstons). I hope to be able to provide an authoritative review of my ‘adventure’ there in due course – assuming I have any little grey cells left at the end of the week….

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