Yorkshire Dales Mountain Biking

We enjoyed our rideout in the Yorkshire Dales so much a few weeks ago that we chose that venue again on Sunday. We could of course have stayed in the Lakes. However, the Kentmere trails were busier than I’d ever seen them before thanks to the combination of the Staveley Beer Festival and the Wheelbase “Big Demo” weekend. The Big Demo weekend is a free opportunity for dozens of riders to try out the latest bikes on the Kentmere cross-country trails. These two events combine to give the village a fantastic vibe!

Yorkshire Dales Biking
The weather was less than clement in the Dales – windy, drizzly, and cold. Not the best day for me to decide Spring had sprung and go out in my cycling shorts! 😯
(Plus, Laetitia’s sporting her flashy new helmet bought with the Big discounts on offer at the Big Demo weekend.)

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