WordPress Plug-ins

Many of the plug-ins, widgets, and other extensions used on this site have been designed and developed specifically. I’m quite (modestly) pleased with them. :oops: So, I think they are worth shouting about, and sharing…

:star: Use them on your WordPress blog too! :star:

Almost all of these WordPress extensions are free, and those that are not are impossibly cheap!

Please consider, especially if you are using one of the free plug-ins, a donation to aid on-going development if you find them useful. ;-)

Sterling Adventures plug-ins for WordPress:

# Extension Title Get it…
1. Add Local Avatar Free Download
2. Avatars Upload Widget
Requires the Add Local Avatar plug-in above.

Local Avatars Widget

[SKU23484] £3.50 (P&P £0.00)

3. WordPress Post Grouping Plugin

Post Grouping Plugin

[SKU23490] £2.50 (P&P £0.00)

4. Recent Comments with Avatars Free Download
5. Notices Ticker Free Download
6. Post Country Plug-in Free Download
7. WordPress Mapping Plug-in

Post Country Plugin

[SKU23496] £19.50 (P&P £0.00)

8. Last Year Widget Free Download
9. Simple WordPress Twitter Plug-in

Simple Twitter Plugin

[SKU23492] £2.50 (P&P £0.00)

10. Simple Archive Plug-in Free Download
11. Excerpt Image Link Plug-in Free Download
12. bbPress Like Button Plug-in

bbPress Like Button Plugin

[SKU24281] £3.00 (P&P £0.00)

13. bbPress & WordPress User Defined Polls Plugin

bbPress & WordPress User Defined Polls Plugin

[SKU24285] £3.00 (P&P £0.00)